RIKA Integra II EPA Certified Free Standing Pellet Stove
Hopper Size 145 lbs
Self-cleaning Automatic Hourly Cleaning Cycle
Heating Capacity Up to 2,500 sq ft
Fuel Use (Min/Max) 1.3-lbs / hr @ 7k btu (approximate)
4.7-lbs / hr @ 44k btu
Warranty 2-year full coverage
5-year optional

Integra II textured top and side Colors

What really matters is what's inside! The RIKA Integra II pellet stove uses quality components throughout. RIKA is one of the most efficient and whisper quiet operating pellet stoves on the market today.

  • EPA Certified
  • Your choice of five accent colors
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Built-In 7-day programmable timer
  • Thermostat ready*

    For those who place stock in solid value, Austroflamm by Rika is the right choice, the right materials, the right manufacturing, and the sheer joy is sufficent.

    As in the past, the Austroflamm Integra II uses quality components throughout. Austroflamm is viewed as the most efficient and "whisper" quiet operating pellet stove on the market today and their European Motor Quality is unsurpassed.

    Convenient and Environmentally Friendly!
    During operation, the advanced control system and patented air sensor technology of your Austroflamm stove ensures optimum use of energy and absolute safety. The result: perfect heating performance, clean combustion, and low emissions.

    Intelligent and Economical
    Thanks to its innovative control system with a built-in 7 day program capability, your Integra II Freestanding Pellet Stove is not only convenient but very economical too, saving you up to 30% on heating costs.

    Owners Manual/Documentation
    Integra-II FS Owners Manual/Users Guide
    Integra-II General Installation Notes
    Integra-II Flu Adapter Installation
    Integra-II Consumer Cleaning Guide
    Integra-II Annual Tech Cleaning Guide
    User Control Guide-All Current Models
    Chimney Adapter Installation Notes
    General Installation Notes
    Certificate of Efficiency

    *thermostat must be purchased separately